• Countries represented include: USA, China, Brazil, Iran, Kenya, and South Africa. Programmatic support from disitinguished institutions. View the full list of participants
  • Access to global networks of chemical experts representing various sectors of the economy

    • Politicians / diplomats / decision makers
    • Government officials / Law Enforcement (Police, Customs, Border, etc.) /
    • Members of the Board of companies / directors / managers . Chemical and Security Experts
    • Security Consultants
    • Journalists
    • NGOs
    • Academia / Universities
    • Military operations  (CBRN, IEDs and others)

  • A number of networking events and matchmaking sessions. Ability to discuss chemical safety and security with various stakeholders. 


  • A number of various forums and topics for experts from different fields of expertise. View the full list
  • CHEMSS - first holistic approach to join safety and security under one event.
  • Become updated on the newest development of implementation of international conventions around the world
  • Get accustomed to world best practices in chemical safety and security (process safety, security)
  • Become aware of the threats in Industrial Control Systems in industry. Get to know the solutions and best practices




  • Trainings performed by specialized government bodies or companies including transport, logistics.
  • Numerous trainings shown:

    • Be an observer to the table top exercise conducted part of the ICCSS Programme Tabletop Methodology Programme®.
    • World known institutions including Department of Homeland Security (DHS),  


  • Get to know newest technological developments with UAS or IEDs prevention. View the new equipment and methods of securing industry and enhancing public security. 
  • Live demonstrations by companies whose daily operations involve providing chemical safety and security:
  • Demonstrations performed by governmental organizations (Fire Service, Border Control, Envioronmental Protection) 


  • Become a member of the process of the first global gathering of decision makers from all over the world.
  • This is not only a summit or an exhibition. It is an opportunity to meet and stay in touch with recent trends and developments in the chemical safety and security. Register