18th April

19th April

20th April

The Forum will present the existing cyber-threats and present the best practices to enhance cybersecurity. You will hear about latest trends, solutions and technologies used to prevent cyberattacks. Experts will present national and industry cyber strategies, ways and means of securing connectivity between business ERP systems, corporate architecture and of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) within corporate networks.

The Forum aims to ensure support for Ukraine in building and enhancing institutions which will aim to increase chemical safety and security. Representatives of Poland, Ukraine and the USA will discuss future plans and the role of international institutions. Uniform chemical security laws and international cooperation will increase the chemical safety and security of Ukraine and the neighbouring countries.

African countries experience rapid economic growth and they quickly become an attractive location for foreigh investors. African industry representatives are important business partners for international companies. Unfortunately the rapid developments are linked with an increase in chemical threats. The Forum, led by world-class experts, will deal with the issues of correct management of toxic substances, CBRN safety, prevention of terrorist activities in Africa. 

The seminar will present to you a unique decision-making model for any enterprise interested in new investments. Economic decisions should not have to clash with environmental issues. The forum will show that it is possible to apply an integrated impact assessment to new investments. Many disasters that destroy the natural environment and the enterprise's reputation could have been prevented had correct procedures been introduced. Our experts will present instruments to improve the capacities of companies to conduct their business activities and investments in accordance with the international and national regulations and using integrated impact assessment. 

Program (PDF)