The uniqueness of CHEMSS 2016

The uniqueness of CHEMSS 2016

Global Summit on Chemical Safety and Security CHEMSS 2016 will be the first such event organized in Poland. Present will be the chemical industry shareholders and users representing government agencies, the industry, international organizations and NGOs, civic society and the media.


The unique character of CHEMSS 2016 is manifested in many aspects.

The main achievement of the Congress is depoliticizing the agenda. This is proven by the active participation of The United States, China, Russia and Iran. Strategic partners of CHEMSS 2016 are The United States Department of States and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

Congress will enable promoting Polish companies in the global market of chemical safety, and the development of international cooperation. Poland will have the opportunity to present their experiences in the field of chemical and environmental safety and adapt best practices from other countries.

CHEMSS 2016 will initiate the creation of a global market for technologies and services in chemical and ecological safety. During the Summit declaration on a global culture of chemical safety will be adopted, and an international centre of practical training in the field of chemical safety and security will be introduced.

It's beyond doubt that CHEMSS 2016 will be an important element in the development of the global market for chemical and ecological safety with Kielce as a leading centre for international cooperation.


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