Seminar the Integrated Impact Assessment – CHEMSS 2016

Seminar the Integrated Impact Assessment – CHEMSS 2016

New paradigms such as sustainable development, security and reliability, corporate social responsibility have recently dominated the architecture of global business. Their effective implementation is a key condition for the economic development of the business, creating social responsibility and presence in the global market. Today, many companies in developed and developing countries are delivering the strategy of sustainable development as an additional cost.

CHEMSS 2016 will present the benefits of conducting an integrated impact assessment based on the real-life experiences. 

During the summit Polish-Norwegian consortium ICENILwill be inaugurated. ICENIL deals with the implementation of ecological energy technologies and reduction of the risk of chemical contamination, resulting from bad management of toxic substances and waste from industrial plants.

The Seminar will be followed by a round table discussion on “Business responsibility in implementing Integrated Impact Assessment”.

Speakers of the Forum: Dr. Andrzej Jagusiewicz, Former Minister of Environmental Inspection in Poland, Director for eco-safety and international relations, ICCSS; Prof. Jozef Pacyna, NILU, Norway; Prof. Wojciech Nowak, AGH Energy Center, Poland.


Mr. Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director at the European Environment Agency (EEA) is guest of honor of CHemss2016 and the Seminar. 


The seminar will be held on 20th April in the 11:15-15:00 at Kielce. 


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