Military technology for peaceful uses

Military technology for peaceful uses

The latest military solutions are not used for army purposes only. The guests of the 1st Global Chemical Safety and Security Summit CHEMSS 2016 will discuss their application in the disposal process of hazardous chemicals.


According to the UN and EU guidelines, utilisation of dangerous chemicals is an aspect of management of particularly hazardous waste. The international cooperation on these issues is based on the Basel Convention which came into life in 1992. Over 170 states became parties of the convention. The Basel Convention encourages increased international cooperation, especially when it comes to utilisation of dangerous waste and their transfer between various countries.

Chemical substances have a special place among hazardous waste. Disposal of chemicals is particularly challenging and demands a great expertise of the people involved because efficiency needs to meet rigid safety regulations. The process is further complicated by the fact that chemicals can come in different forms and are usually very dangerous. New methods and technologies are constantly being developed to meet such issues. One of the panels taking place on the first day of the Global Chemical Safety and Security Summit will be devoted to innovative solutions for the disposal of hazardous chemicals. Our guests will discuss the latest technologies used to utilise chemicals and toxic waste. They will debate on the efficiency and future potential of available solutions. The international programs centred around global cooperation will be presented and their role will be assessed. International and national assistance programs available to eliminate hazardous chemicals used in military and law enforcement programs will be particularly stressed. As the panellists will show, the same solutions can be applied to other areas of human activity, such as agriculture and mining. Whatever the industry branch might be, the aim of such programs and solutions is to enhance safety of human life and health. There will be a presentation of methods through which the governments of Germany, Canada, Japan, USA and Poland tackle issues of chemical waste disposal. The ways in which military technologies can be used in private sector will be discussed.

We have invited the most prominent experts in chemical waste utilisation to participate in CHEMSS 2016. Dr Thomas Stock, representing Dynasafe – the global leader in management of hazardous materials, and Dr Arthur T. Hopkins, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the USA, will be chairing the panel. The session will be co-chaired by Dr Joseph Asahina, an expert on weapons of mass destruction.


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