The Summit is planned to be open with a formal plenary session attended by senior national and international officials, followed by parallel workshops, working sessions, trainings and discussions. These separate workshops and working sessions are tied together by a concluding plenary session that will allow feedback between the workshops and working sessions the sharing of assessments in the broader context of the overall Summit.

There will be small scale joint drills and table-top exercises on response to a threat or attack on chemical installations.

There will be presentations by international organisations on their roles and engagement to mitigate threats posed by toxic chemicals, their response systems; by national civil protection and counter-terrorist centres on how they respond to CBRN threats; by companies on the latest developments in safety , security and protection technologies; and by individuals of international recognition as well as Polish  authorities.


  • Provide a global forum for the views of all stakeholders engaged in chemical activities on ways and means to enhance chemical safety and security;
  • Enhance awareness, training, and best practices in all areas of chemical safety and security;
  • Foster the exchange of experience, ideas and knowledge among national and international organizations in chemical safety and the delivery of assistance;
  • Bring together governments and companies that are producing state-of-the art solutions to improve chemical safety and security, and familiarize participants with the latest equipment available on the market.