Participation + Display Stand

• With this package you will be able to set up an information stand in the foyer of the Congress 
Centre – the main venue for the Global Summit, during one of the forums. 

• You can choose which forum will be best for you and your business to display information 
and marketing materials at the Summit.

• This option gives you a unique chance to present your company to a wide, international 
audience during the first global event of this kind.

• The information stand will provide you space for one banner with your company’s logo, 
one table, and two chairs.



Participation + Exhibition at Chem-Safety-Expo

• This comprehensive package will allow your business to be represented at the international 
Fair which accompanies the Summit for the full 3 days.

• You will have a chance to present your products or services or/and demonstrate how your 
equipment works during the CHEMSS Arena.

• We offer technical support and various exhibiting space options, including a professional
design studio.

• If you wish to receive more information at:


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